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Let us help you build your "ultimate" home bar! 
Few improvements to a home can make a positive, lasting impression. Yet, your own home bar can do just that! A personal bar in the home, or on the patio adds a sophisticated, convenient entertainment center during dinner parties, celebrations, and get-togethers; a place where the host is available for the guests to stop by and strike up a conversation. Throw in a blender and a few good stories, and the entertainer can make a party truly memorable! 
So, Don't Wait. Get started building your new bar today! 

We offer at least 3 times as many bar and back bar design plans than any other "Bar Plans" website, so you are more likely to find the plans you are looking for here. Even after you buy, if you decide you would rather have a different plan, let us know and we will substitute any plan you want at no extra charge.

Lets Get Started!


We proudly offer the highest quality home bar plans available anywhere. All of our plans are professionally drawn with 3D illustrations and detailed step-by-step instructions. Even with little or no woodworking experience, our plans are easy to follow and many of our designs can be built using basic tools and equipment. Our selection of bar plans is the largest on the Internet and perfect for any homeowner hoping to enhance their home with a beautiful custom built home bar. Don't settle for an imitation. We have a thorough knowledge of woodworking and will happily answer any questions you may have about our plans. To help you find plans for the bar design that is right for you, click on the links below for more information.

Our Plans save you Time and Money:  

You get a complete list of lumber and materials needed to build the bar of your choice. Buy only what you need. NO guesswork!
You get fully illustrated 3D assembly drawings with step-by-step instructions and time saving tips to help speed your project to completion.
All of our plans include detailed part drawings showing finished sizes, hole locations Cutting sizes are listed for all wood parts so that you can cut all parts in advance to reduce shop time.
We provide diagrams for cutting the parts out of standard dimensional lumber to optimize material usage and reduce waste. Mini bar (MB-001), Speedy-Build II and Shape-Shifter models do not require cutting diagrams.
You also get a list of recommended hardware and source info for any special parts that may be required including the optional brass foot rails shown.
You get your plans immediately by direct digital download at time of purchase.

 Choose from the many design styles below:



L-Shaped, Straight Line, and Back Bar plans

Our "Classic" plans are designed for use by those having average woodworking knowledge and equipment. Designs include "L" shaped and straight configurations along with matching "back bar" plans. Plans for this model are also available in the reversed (mirror image) layout and in a smaller size for "corner of the room" locations.


Many different configurations - Easy to change the length

Designed for easy length changing. Choose from Straight, L-shaped, U-shaped or C-shaped configurations. Uniform design throughout makes length changing easy. Full size "Chicago" rail design. Plans include complete instructions and setup info to make the arm rail. "Lift gate" models are available. Plans include English and Metric units. Designed for the average woodworker. 


Easy Plans for the novice

Featuring L-Shaped and Straight Line and back bar designs, our Speedy-Build models are designed for the amateur woodworker. They can be constructed using only a few basic power and hand tools. The open storage sections are designed so that there is no exposed framing lumber for a neatly finished appearance. Easy to build, and most economical.

The Corner Barâ„¢

Counter Style L-shaped and Straight Line Wet Bar plans

If you like to serve fresh draft beer, our "Corner Bar" design can fit a full size keg beer cooler with built in draft tower and provides plenty of counter area for drink preparation. There is also lots of space for glassware under the serving bar top.


Outdoor Deck and patio bar plans

The "outdoorsy" look of this 4 1/2 foot knotty pine bar makes it ideal for use with your covered patio, deck, or sun room. Stationary or portable, this is our easiest bar to build and the most economical. Made of Ponderosa Pine, it is both sturdy and lightweight.


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